Tuesday, August 19, 2014

learning is our living bridge

I used to think learning was an individual capacity that each of us builds for our own purposes-- now I see it as something bigger, something we all participate in and steward for the next generation.

At the end of the commentary on "White Buffalo Calf Woman," after a white buffalo calf is born on the Lakota Reservation in apparent fulfillment of her prophecies, Chief Joseph Chasing Horse characterizes the event as an omen of home and optimism.  In his words:

"Mention that we are praying, many of the medicine people, the spiritual leaders, the elders, are praying for the world," says Joseph Chasing Horse. "We are praying that mankind does wake up and think about the future, for we haven't just inherited this earth from our ancestors, but we are borrowing it from our unborn children."


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