Thursday, March 19, 2015

Discussion from class (Period 3)

I took it upon myself to put this up for those of you, like myself that have some thought on this. Also I found the CNN Link with a little video from them. Please do realize that this is the media and they tend to blow everything out of proportion. These people have just as much proof as we do.


  1. Like I said earlier in class Texas is part of the United States Stand Your Ground law; as well as California. They might have done the wrong thing as officers, but did they do the wrong this as people? Sure they could have handled the situation better, but think if your life was potentially in danger that you could be calm about the situation? Not most of us would be able to, even with the right training. I couldn't find the Dallas police policy, but I did find the gun laws in Texas, this site has a chart of the many laws and regulations they don't have in Texas for guns.
    After looking at that I'm convinced people in Texas are just used to pulling guns on people, maybe this is a natural procedure for the police, I'm not sure.

  2. Thank you for posting this Ethan. It will be much easier for the class to be able to discuss now that we have it on the blog